Each one of us everyday survives. We manage, we get by, we feel ok. We may exercise when we can, eat healthy to an extent and sometimes even remember to take our supplements. But wouldn't it be amazing instead of just surviving, we were able to thrive. Creating a life where we flourish. Become healthier and happier each and every day. Learn what our body thrives on, rather than just survives on. That's what I decided I wanted a couple of years back. I was bored of feeling tired and stressed, I was exhausted dealing with joint pain and IBS, and I always just felt 'ok.' Cleaning up my nutrition, conquering my mindset and finding an exercise I loved meant I was able to grow into a much much happier and healthier person. It was spending the money, taking the time and educating myself that meant I was able to no longer just feel ok. That is my reasoning to why I wanted to get into nutrition, to help people. To help those conquer much more than just losing weight, but helping people to feel better, healthier and happier in themselves both physically and mentally.

If your choice is to thrive, then I can help you. 

I am here to prove to you that there is no secret to weight loss, that you don’t need to do a low fat, low-carb, no sugar, fasting, juicing diet. That you can eat delicious tasty food, still have a social life, balance a busy lifestyle and still, lose weight.
To me there is no such thing as ‘dieting,’ But there is such thing as healthy eating. With a combination of calorie and portion control paired with healthy nutritious foods - not only can I help you lose weight, but also help you feel your best.

My plans help those who are looking to lose weight, perform and become stronger in the gym, be educated on macro nutrients or want to feel healthier in themselves.
The BHealthy Plan is full of easy, delicious and nutritious recipes, simple to follow information as well as food tips and tricks.

Completing diplomas in both nutritional advice for physical activity and nutritional therapy, I specialise in weight loss, performance nutrition as well as, gut health, IBS, auto-immune diseases and anti-inflammatory diets.


One Off Personalised Nutrition Plan 

- 1-1 Meet Up or Phone Call

- Personalised Meal Plan and Recipes 

- Food Tips and Tricks, Supplement Advice, Eating Out Guide, Performance Nutrition.

- Weekly Check-Ins

- Daily Support and Guidance.

Monthly Subscription Personalised Nutrition Plan (Min. of 3 months) 

- 1-1 Monthly Meet Up or Phone Calls

- Personalised Meal Plan and Recipes

- Food Tips and Tricks, Supplement Advice, Eating Out Guide, Performance Nutrition.

- Weekly Check-Ins

 Daily Support and Guidance

- Meal Plan, Calories and Macronutrients edited monthly to fit progress.

Nutritional Advice and Support
- Personalised Calories and Macronutrients
 - Food Tips and Tricks, Supplement Advice, Eating Out Guide, Performance Nutrition.
- Weekly Check-Ins
-  Daily Support and Guidance

Support and Guidance Sessions
- 1 on 1 meetings or phone calls every week, fortnight or month.
- Education and Guidance on Nutrition to fit lifestyle preferences and goals.

BHealthy Recipe Book - with detailed calories and macronutrients 

- Recipe Book full of delicious healthy recipes for breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks.

- Each recipe with detailed calories and macronutrients. 

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