my story

I was diagnosed with seronegative rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 19,

during my first year at Uni. I suffered with the RA primarily in my hands,

but it did start to spread to my wrist, elbows and shoulders. I decided to take

it upon myself to try and heal myself. I didn't want to be injected, prodded

and poked by doctors anymore. I wanted to find a way which was natural

that could help me, and live the life of a normal teenager.
After researching and learning about the disease more, I found testimonials of

foods and exercises that helped other people. I was excited and determined to reduce

my pain, and deal with my RA head on - or in my case, hands on!
I already suffered with a gluten sensitivity, so through a lot of research I found the link between the two. Seeing as coeliac disease and RA are both autoimmune diseases. I realised I had to heal my gut first which in turn would heal my RA.
Through cutting out gluten, dairy and nightshades - my pain started to reduce. I went from struggling to hold the steering wheel, to being able to lift heavy weights in the gym. Through exercise, a new diet and a positive mindset I am in remission with my arthritis and completely drug free. I now work as a nutritional adviser, food blogger and own a small healthy snack company, @bhealthykitchen.

Follow my blog for recipes, fitness and health advice as well as my journey. Hopefully this website can be beneficial for you whether you want to follow a similar path with your auto-immune disease, stick to healthier new lifestyle or just simply cook some new exciting things. I hope to aspire and would love feedback if you have any!

mollybhealthy​ x