the truth about clean eating

I’m Molly Buszard or MollyBHealthy, a food blogger – yes another one of those… If you know about me already skip this part…

My food blogging journey started shortly after being diagnosed with R.A and IBS where I took it upon myself to find foods that I felt helped to heal and reduce my symptoms. So, 3 years on, I am off all my R.A medication, I understand and am in charge of healing my gut and also picked up a great job working as a recipe developer/chef for a personal training company. I eat gluten and dairy free foods because of the way they affect my body and gut, not to look at certain way. Learn to listen to your body, enjoy what you eat and find out what works for you.

Clean. Eating.

Wow, wannabe chefs, general foodies and us bloggers have really got some stick lately about eating clean or clean eating. I have heard rants of, why should we be labeling foods as clean or dirty? why do we want to cut everything out? AND, the ever so boring phrase of,  “gluten-free, dairy-free, don’t you mean FUN-FREE?”. Yes, Yes we get it! 

Obviously I believe in what I eat, create and preach to be healthy. Whether you want call it clean eating, healthy eating or balanced eating doesn’t really make a difference to me. If I’m being completely honest, (I’m sure a lot of other fellow bloggers/instagrammers/social media people out there will agree with me!) I use all the #glutenfree, #dairyfree, #cleaneating, #eatclean for the likes or followers, I’m #justsaying. It’s a trend, and trending hashtags and topics gets attention, likes and followers, and hey – we are all trying to make a living out here!

The Clean Eating way of life is somewhat a branch of the ‘paleo diet’. Clean eating or cleaning up your diet is about embracing real natural foods like fruit, vegetables and meats. Eating real whole foods that aren't full of refined sugars, grains or 'un-natural' ingredients or add ins. Just think back to your mums (or dads!) cooking, where she would whip you up a cottage pie using fresh tomatoes, beef mince, homemade beef stock, potatoes she mashed herself, and any vegetables that were seasonal at the time - I don't remember her stating it as 'clean.'

I don’t believe there is a long list of foods and products, with big NO’s that you cannot have. 
It isn’t dramatically cutting out a food group either. No dramatic stoppage to all meat, fish and eggs, or all sugar or even, no carbs what so ever. What I think to be 'clean' healthy eating is definitely not a extreme diet, going vegan, plant based and removing important parts of your diet just because someone with abs does it. You just need to eat proper real food instead of those that are processed or ready-made.
I eat brownies and I go to Nandos, but I also eat egg whites, spinach and sometimes a vegan cheesecake if I fancy, because you know what, I want too and I enjoy it all. That is being healthy. I eat and create the most delicious foods that may be classed as ‘clean’ ‘healthy’ or ‘good for you’ but really they are what I like to call, honest foods.

Honest Foods.

They are natural honest foods made up of ingredients like apples, carrots, spinach  broccoli, blueberries, strawberries, fresh fish, potatoes, lovely cuts of meat, eggs, butter, milk, nuts, coconut, rice, beans, seeds, the list goes on. Not the ones that have something unnecessary or unpronounceable added to them.

When it did become acceptable for people eating sweets, fizzy drinks or processed meats as normal? But those want to take a big bite out of a wholesome red pepper or, eat celery and peanut butter together are classed as weird obsessive clean eaters on a FAD diet? I don’t understand how we now live in a world where it is more ok to eat from a fast food restaurant, but homemade turkey burgers in our tupperware are laughed at.

I agree that foods labeled as ‘clean’ or ‘healthy’ shouldn’t really be called that. I also agree that foods shouldn’t be labeled as ‘bad’ or ‘dirty.’ 

What I believe is that the honest foods I talked about earlier should just be seen as normal foods. Normal eating. Normal cooking. No labelling, hashtags or preaching. The way we are supposed to be eating. Nothing processed, no additives, no chemicals and not convenience meals. These ‘normal foods’ are the recipes that we create at home from scratch, the honest ingredients without a long list, our family’s secret recipes, mums home cooking and the nutrient rich, natural grown foods we are so lucky to have.

It is normal eating, not clean eating.

MollyBHealthy x