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Social media may just seem like a place for people to upload selfies, give unwanted opinions or watch dancing cat videos but believe me when I tell you it is so much more.

Having an online presence for your business is integral in today's world. Social media surrounds us making it a fantastic tool and shop front for you and your business.


However, I understand how the world of social media can be frustrating, intidimating and time-consuming. But for me, it is none of those things. I love social media and I am incredibly passionate about it which is why I am able to give it the time it needs to help companies and people like you. 


For the last 2 years, I have been working with a variety of different companies to help with promoting online who they are and what they do. Whether it is content creation, social media management, 121 workshops or blog writing, I am able to help grow your company offline by creating a presence online.






Take the pressure off and let me take care of your social media for you. Whether it is just one platform or multiple, I am able to manage your company's social media effectively for you.


As well as social media management, I can also create content for you. I have a BA in Textile Design so have a creative flair when it comes to online content creation.


Every business is different and we are able to work together to create a strategy that works best for you and your business. 

social media workshops

If you want to take control of your social media yourself but have no idea where to start then my 121 workshops can help you.


I teach and guide you on what the best platform/s and strategies are as well as, social media tips and tricks! From scheduling tools to hashtags, creative ideas to analytics - I can give you both an insight and kickstart into all you need to know with my social media workshop.  


You will also receive your own 'Social Media Starter Pack' which is personalised with your own list of hashtags, tips, tricks and advice from the session.

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