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I wanted to create an online program to help people feel strong, both in and outside of the gym. As well as a program that is affordable but also works.

This is the program to BStrong.


This online program has been created to help you get strong, build muscle and grow confidence when it comes to your workouts.


If you are someone who needs structure, routine and accountability when it comes to working out, and wants to see progress with your physique as well as your strength - this is the program for you.


So, what does the program involve?


- You will receive access to an App which can be downloaded to your phone meaning your workouts can be easily reached. The App also has a chat function, meaning you can ask questions or check-in with me when you need.


- There will be 3 sessions every week, with them changing every four weeks so you can continue to progress, perfect your form and learn new exercises throughout.


- The sessions are created to help you build muscle and get strong. Do not confuse this with the idea of 'getting bulky' - these hypertrophy style workouts enable you to get a lean and defined physique.


- Being a registered nutritionist means you will also receive a PDF with nutrition tips which will help you to get the best out of your training with me.


- The program can be tailored to injury, equipment and space. 

- You can either have the 'gym' program or the 'home' program. With the home program you must have access to some weights.


- The program will be £30.00 every month. And you must sign up to at least 3 months.






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