"I have a very active job and lifestyle and even though I knew I ate a nutritionally balanced diet I had no energy and was waking up tired every morning. So I felt I needed to get a professional to look at the foods I ate and when, as well as when I worked out. There are so many nutritionists out there but Molly stood out as I loved her view that there is no “quick fix” and that you shouldn’t cut out a food group - she spoke so much sense! Molly looked at my diet & lifestyle and designed a meal plan that worked for me and my family (my husband is a celiac.) The meals are quick but so tasty! By day three I was waking up and no longer feeling tired, I lost a couple of CM’s in my measurements too, I had heaps of energy and felt as if I was eating more than ever but also not restricting myself on anything, it’s all about balance. She really changed my thoughts and relationship with food! I highly recommend Molly if you want a permanent change."


Lucy B


"'I contacted Molly after successfully getting a ballot place in the London Marathon. As my training stepped up I wanted to ensure I was getting the right nutrition to fuel my body and help my muscles recover as quickly as possible, I was also interested to see what correct nutrition could do to improve my training and performance. From the start, Molly was friendly, knowledgeable approachable and put me at ease. I completed a simple questionnaire and we had a relaxed discussion about my current diet and what I was looking to achieve before I was sent a detailed nutrition plan and delicious recipes to try (which were actually achievable and not designed to be cooked by a chef!). Molly was always available via email, WhatsApp or over the phone for questions and advice when you're stood in the supermarket having a product dilemma! I would highly recommend Molly to anyone looking for a nutrition and health coach!"




"Molly helped me by creating a meal plan which incorporated all the foods I enjoyed whilst adjusting my plan for my long unsociable hours at work. All the recipes were really easy to make and most importantly really tasty. Molly was great and kept in touch with me regularly to see how I was getting on, sending new recipes adjusted for me. I found with Molly's direction that I didn’t need to cut out any food groups and could enjoy all the foods I liked. Molly was really great in helping me find meals that suited my lifestyle and also gave me loads of information and help in finding healthy nutritional foods on the go. Thanks Molly!"





"Working with Molly change my approach to nutrition. I got hooked on marathon running after running my 1st marathon end of 2016, but was not making much progress towards my sub 3hr30 goal after that, despite intensive exercise and running regime. But things changed when I started to consult with Molly. Molly advised getting the macro-nutrients balance right first, instead of just focusing on micro-nutrients and put together personalised systematic nutrition based on my lifestyle and closely coordinated with my exercise regime. Once implemented, the results so far are amazing - the right muscle groups got much stronger, my running is much more balanced and faster, and trial runs show great

improvement. Nutrition advice and plan made all the difference! Thanks, Molly!"




"I cannot thank you enough for your advice on healthy recipes, snacks, and supplements. What I love about your recipes is that they are tasty and easy to follow as well as easy to adapt to feeding a family.  Whilst following your programme I felt satisfied and never hungry and at no point did I feel that I was missing out on anything. One concern I had was expensive snacks and I appreciated your recipes for snacks to make at home and also equivalent options from the more ‘value brands’.  I have lost weight, but more importantly, I feel healthier and my digestive system is happy!"




"Molly has helped me completely transformed my relationship with food.  Her recipes are delicious, you really don't feel like you are missing out; very filling and satisfying, and I still go-to them regularly.  I have a real sweet tooth, and as such, I was shocked that I stopped craving chocolate / cakes early on into the journey. 

Molly is also a great support throughout your journey - very approachable, very friendly and always happy to help.  For me, she gave me tips to control snacking, and help choosing the right things to snack on. 

The results speak for themselves; I lost one and a half dress sizes in 3 months, even with being pretty relaxed at the weekends!  Six months later I've kept it off, as I am able to continue with the principles of the plan on my own!"




"Molly was so supportive during FitForm.  The recipes were all very simple and absolutely delicious.  I found the recipes really easy to cook and they used very similar ingredients so I found I wasn’t wasting any food which was good.  Molly made the nutrition plan very simple and easy to follow.  The thing I learnt the most was portion control.  It was nice to have a guide on how much meat to use in each meal and bulk out meals with vegetables.  Also, I learnt that I don’t have to starve myself to lose weight.  I was eating more calories than I would usually on a diet and still losing weight, because I was eating the right type of food and following the exercise plan."




"I have a very busy lifestyle with work, family and the gym and had never managed to find anything that worked for me. With so many easy to prepare, delicious recipes there was a lot of variety and above all else, my plan was easy to follow.

Molly’s tailored plan worked for me and the fact that she’s always on hand, creating new recipes and answering any nutritional questions is a bonus. I feel healthier for it and have a much better understanding of how I should be fuelling my body.. She really has changed the way eat for the better and for the long term. Whatever your goals, I fully recommend."




"Molly provided me with nutritional advice and recipes during a 12 week exercise programme.

Molly’s advice on pre and post exercise nutrition has made a huge difference to the energy I have whilst exercising as well as improving my recovery afterwards.

Molly’s recipes are really tasty and easy to prepare around a busy lifestyle. There’s no missing out on any favourites either as Molly has created great healthier alternatives so there’s always options for a ‘fake-away’ should you have a craving.

Many of her recipes have now become staples in my kitchen as I enjoy them so much!

Molly makes understanding nutrition simple and easy to follow and incorporate into everyday living.

If you’re looking for advice or support on nutrition I’d have no hesitation in recommending Molly."





"Molly's advice was refreshing as it wasn’t unrealistic in what you could eat especially with a family to cater for as well.  I’m not a fan of quick-fix diets as you quickly slip back to bad habits but her plan made it easy to continue with long term and her recipes are part of my daily lifestyle now even with a few treats!! She is a positive person making you feel you can stick to this and no punishment if you slip away from plan just move on from it as everyone is human. Her passion for food is infectious and her recipes all taste amazing - even the courgette oats!  I would highly recommend a conversation with her and she will get you on track with your nutritional needs and how to listen to your body."