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5 Tips to Aid Fat Loss

It is normally around this time of year we start to think about summer and the next time we will be slipping into our bathing suits. It is only natural for some of us that we want to lose that little bit of weight in time for holiday season. I have put together 5 tips which can help aid the fat loss process but can be easily applied into your daily life.

1. Increase your protein.

A diet high in protein is very beneficial for fat loss as it is the macronutrient which is the most satiating. By feeling fuller, we will most likely consume less food, good news if we are wanting to lose some extra weight.

Protein also has the highest TEF (thermic effect of food) in comparison to fat and carbohydrates. TEF is the energy expended for your body to process the food. Think ‘meat sweats.’ This can increase your metabolism which in turn with help with fat loss.

(RDA = 0.8g per 1kg, I suggest more 1/1.2g per 1kg when in a calorie deficit/weight-loss diet, it will be a more satiating diet along with helping to maintain muscle mass)

2. Choose high volume, low calorie food.

Another fat loss hack is choosing foods that are voluminous but aren’t very high in calories. This means you can still have a relatively large plate of food which will take you longer to eat thus filling you up more.

I use, what I like to call ‘Volume Veggies.’ These are vegetables that add volume to your meal but are low in calories. For example, mushrooms, courgette, peppers, tomatoes, spinach, kale, broccoli, green beans, red onion, cabbage, salad leaves, aubergine and cauliflower. As well as vegetables, egg whites are my go to for a high protein low calorie option. I like to whip up to a big vegetable frittata with lots of spices and herbs – delicious!

3. Keep your snacks under 150kcal.

It is very easy to choose snacks that are calorific unknowingly. Treats that are labelled ‘healthy’ are fantastic for being nutrient dense but normally have a dried fruit and nut base which can be highly caloric. Try looking at your snacks and keeping them under 150 kcal, this will bring your total intake for the day down while still being able to have tasty snacks. Try rice cakes, oat cakes, popcorn, oat bars, protein shake, fruit or vegetable sticks. You may even be surprised at some of the tasty snacks you can have for under 150kcals.

4. Increase your steps.

Something that isn’t nutrition based but is vitally important is NEAT or Non-exercise activity thermogenesis. This is the energy expenditure for anything we do in the day that isn’t sports like-exercise, eating or sleeping. Most of us underestimate the amount of activity we do and simply by upping this can majorly effect our fat loss. The easiest way to track your NEAT is through using a watch or app to count your steps. I suggest aiming for around 10k steps a day. For tips on how to increase this without taking too much out of your day, read my blogpost on NEAT – the game changer.

5. Keep Hydrated.

Everyone knows how important it is to be hydrated but a lot of us aren’t very proactive with it. The analogy I like to use for water to show its importance is to think of your body as a car.

The food you put into your body is the fuel or petrol. The water is the oil, this is what keeps your car or body ‘well oiled’ and working correctly.

Water is used to dissolve and transport substances, is a component of our blood plasma, protects and lubricates our tissues and is the first line of defence = our salvia. As well as being vital in keeping our body ticking over, it is important to remember that sometimes we can mistake thirst for hunger.

The easiest way to keep hydrated is through having a bottle on you to keep sipping throughout the day. If you are someone who doesn’t like water then don’t worry. Add sugar-free juice to your water or fresh fruit. Some sports drinks are good too due to their electrolyte content which supports hydration.

It is difficult to say how much water each person should drink but as a tip, (and some of you may think it is TMI) just try and maintain clear coloured urine.

Disclaimer: To lose weight or fat you need to be in a caloric deficit, (eating less than you burn) but it is important to make sure you fill the majority of your daily calories with nutrient dense whole foods for a healthy body.

If you would like help with your nutrition, then please contact me at for more information and plan choices.

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