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NEAT - The Game Changer

NEAT or, Non-exercise activity thermogenesis is the energy expenditure for anything we do in the day that isn’t sports like-exercise, eating or sleeping. This is when we are walking to and from work, cleaning the house or fidgeting at our desk. The more NEAT we have in our day, the more calories burned without even realising - it can make up to 15-50% of our daily energy expenditure! If you are someone who feels like they have plateaued in their progress recently increasing your NEAT could be the game changer for your results.

Most of us underestimate the amount of activity we do. NEAT can have a huge impact when it comes to losing those few extra pounds. A lot of us believe that doing our 45-60-minute daily workout is enough activity for the day, but working out only represents a very small part of our day. Especially as once we get into work and sit at our desks for the next 8 hours, plus drive home to sit and watch TV for the evening, very little energy expenditure has been exerted.


The easiest way to measure and increase your NEAT is by tracking your step count. This can be done through a watch or step counter on your phone. Most of us average around 4-6000 steps when we should be aiming for around 10-15000. Don’t worry, I don’t expect you to be going on big hikes throughout the day and quite frankly if you are working at least 9-5 you aren’t going to have the time. So here are a few ways that shouldn’t affect your day too much but will help to boost your steps.

- Take the stairs always over the elevator.

- Park further away from the shops.

- Go for a walk on your lunch break.

- Walk up the escalator instead of staying stationary.

- Choose to walk in the evening with your partner/friend instead of the TV. This will also help you to sleep and feel better.

- When you are on the phone, walk around instead of sitting down to take the call.

A lot of us underestimate the power of walking and getting your steps up. They have such a big influence on your results when it comes to losing weight. Simply through increasing your daily NEAT, you will see the impact it has on your body. Keeping active may be one of the keys to weight loss but, it is also a vital part to keeping fit. You want to be taking the stairs or skipping the tube so you become fitter and healthier which will benefit you both in and outside of the gym.

It is free, it is simple, remember all you need to do is, MOVE MORE.

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