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Do we really need to detox?

Summer is approaching which means most of us want a quick fix diet to help us lose weight fast. This is the perfect time for companies to draw us in with the word ‘detox.’ But do we really need to detox? And does this do any good for us? If you type in the world ‘detox’ to Google, “7 Day Detox Plan” or “Juice Fast” appear all over your page. Whether its eating cucumber soup for 30 days or sipping on a juice at every meal – a huge audience of people would do anything to lose fat as quickly as possible.

Most of these diets claim through detoxing your body, you will cleanse it of all the junk you have eaten resulting in weight loss. You will lose weight with detoxing, but there is purely through a low number of calories you are consuming, rather than the detox itself. You may also feel better through ‘detoxing’ but this is also due to maybe just not eating a lot of the ‘junk’ food you may of before.

Your body detoxes itself naturally. Your body is detoxing itself right this minute. If you have a healthy body, your kidneys, liver, skin and even lungs should be functioning and detoxifying all on their own. So, you can put the cabbage soup down…

If you want to achieve a healthy body as well as weight loss you need to have a well-balanced diet. This consists of fruit, vegetables, healthy fats, lean protein and unrefined carbs. This will have a positive effect on your body.

It is SO important to nurture your body, rather than deprive it. Fill your body with nutrient rich foods and the ‘detox’ process you are after will happen all on its own.

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