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RECIPE: Sweet Potato Salmon Fishcakes

These are gluten and dairy free, as well as being healthy too!


2 Sweet Potatoes

2 Fillets of Salmon (can use other fish too!)

1 Egg

1 Tablespoon of Coconut Flour (also a little extra to dust!)

Salt + Pepper

Coconut Oil

(Dill to Garnish)

Makes enough for two people or leftovers!

  1. Peel your sweet potatoes, removing the skins. Cut them into even chunks and then either steam or boil them. Meanwhile grill or steam your fish, so that it is cooked all the way through. Once both the sweet poatoes are soft enough (stick a fork in them and check) mash them until smooth.

  2. Remove the skin from the fish and break up into small chunks. Add into the mashed sweet potato and mix.

  3. Next break your egg into a smaller bowl, and whisk. Add in the coconut flour into the egg and mix.

  4. Then pour the egg and flour into the mash/fish mixture and combine. Add in salt and pepper to season.

  5. Using your hands, make the mixture into fish cake shapes. You can make small or big ones depending on your preference and how you like them! Coat them with a little extra coconut flour on either side.

  6. Next heat up a frying pan with some of the coconut oil - add in the fish cakes. Cook on both sides, until brown on the outside and hot inside.

  7. Serve on a bed of sautéed spinach and topped with a poached egg! Garnish with more salt + pepper and dill!

  8. (You don't have to use all the mixture, you can save it for the next day! If covered and put in the fridge should last for around 3 days! You can also have the cooked ones for lunch/dinner the next day!)

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