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'Snickers' Rice Crispy Bars

"These might be your best yet...' quote my friend who might be one of my most honest critics plus, she is a vegan - so if anyone knows their vegan treats, she does! These delicious squares of chocolatey peanut heaven are super easy to make but have an extremely tasty outcome!


120g Maple Syrup

65g Smooth Peanut Butter

80g Dark Chocolate

50g Puffed Rice

2 Tbsp Coconut Oil

1/4 Tsp Salt

10-20g Smooth Peanut Butter for drizzling


1. In a saucepan add the maple syrup and heat until slightly bubbling.

2. Once the syrup has been bubbling for 2-4 minutes, add the peanut butter, dark chocolate and coconut oil.

3. Stir together to create until everything has melted and combined.

4. Add in the puffed rice and mix together.

5. In a square tin, add clingfilm/baking parchment to stop the mixture from sticking.

6. Pour the mixture in, spreading evenly and pushing down so that it holds together.

7. Sprinkle over the salt and drizzle over the extra peanut butter.

8. Pop in the freezer for 30-45 minutes.

9. Remove from the freezer, take out of the square tin and add on to a chopping board.

10. Heat a sharp knife under hot/boiling water and then cut into small squares or bars.

11. Store in a Tupperware in the fridge.

This mixture created around 10-12 small squares for me.

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